Infinity Mindset + Movement Coaching Community

Now is the time to feel strong, empowered and confident with your movement. This is the space to provide you with the knowledge, mindset, and support to achieve your fitness goals!

Please note: there will be no refunds provided for virtual memberships. Please see below for some FAQ’s!

You will receive an e-mail after sign-up with details for the app login and to join the Facebook group so be on the lookout for that! Head to the Memberships page to get started!


Who is the virtual Infinity Mindset + Movement coaching community for?
This is for anyone who is wanting to incorporate strength training into their fitness regime and wanting support from a personal trainer. It is also for someone who is wanting to move away from the all or nothing mentality with fitness and wants to feel strong and empowered with their workouts!

What is included in the virtual Infinity Mindset + Movement membership?
In the Infinity Fitness Online membership, you will receive access to 12 workouts monthly (3/week) in a private app. Workouts are released each Sunday and members have the ability to view workouts on a week to week basis. This is a monthly subscription training service, which just means that you can access the workouts from any smart device.

What equipment do I need?
The goal with Infinity Fitness is to help make fitness accessible, enjoyable, and empowering for you. This means you need very minimal equipment. At the most, we use resistance loops, light to medium dumbbells, and a yoga mat for our workouts.

How long are the workouts?
Each workout is between 30 and 45 minutes long. This makes it totally doable to fit your daily movement in!

What fitness level should I be at?
All workouts are designed for all fitness levels. Options are provided in our exercise library in the private app – additional options are available upon request. Members are encouraged during all workouts to go at their own pace. Whether you are just kickstarting a daily movement routine or you are trying something new, you have come to the right place!

What is the Getting Started library?
This is a library you receive access to with initial videos to help you get started with success. It gives you a run down on the private app used, mindset strategies, and strength training tips! This is a GROWING library that you have access to. It is designed to help you feel successful even when I am not there beside you as you move.

What does the membership cost?
Infinity Mindset + Movement virtual subscription provides you the choice of signing up with a monthly or bi-yearly subscription. A monthly subscription is $144 (tax inc).

All workouts and coaching is provided by Alyssa, a certified Group Fitness instructor + Personal Trainer.
This is a recurring membership. The monthly subscription will automatically renew each month until you decide cancel.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?
Yes, you can absolutely cancel both your Infinity Mindset + Movement membership at any time. There are no charges for cancelling. The Infinity Fitness Online membership is on a month to month subscription. You can cancel by logging into your website membership portal ( – cancellations via e-mail or direct message will not be accepted.

Should you decide to cancel your Infinity Mindset + Movement membership, you will immediately lose access to the coaching and support from the private app, Getting Started portal, and our private Facebook group. There will be no refunds or credits provided for partially used periods.

Can I put my membership on hold?
This membership program is specifically designed so you can take your workouts with you if you desire. You can access them on any device for easy accessibility. If you wish to take a month off or no longer want coaching from Alyssa, simply cancel via your membership account and sign up again when you are ready. We do not put memberships on hold.

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