Meet Your Instructor

Hey there! My name is Alyssa and I am the founder and owner of Infinity Fitness.  I currently reside in Peterborough, ON.  My favorite season is fall, I love to read, and I love helping other women find their strength, confidence and joy with movement.

My own fitness journey started in 2016 in my college dorm room.  I immediately fell in love with my increased strength and how good I felt.  What started with working out daily for 30 minutes stemmed into two hours per day out of a need to burn off what I ate the previous day.  Working out can start with healthy intentions, but the piece I was missing was moving for joy and celebration.

This is my mission now with Infinity Fitness.  I create strength and resistance training workouts through Infinity Mindset + Movement, my monthly coaching community. My approach as a personal trainer is to help educate and empower you to remain consistent with fitness in a way that feels good for you.

In addition, I also provide 1:1 personal training. All training is done through a private app online or through Zoom if you prefer in person sessions. My approach to personal training is to help you reach your fitness goals in a healthy, sustainable, and safe way to keep you moving and active for life. Fitness does not need to be complicated – allow me to show you how it can add to your life!

With Infinity Fitness, you will find a whole ton of movement, joy, positivity, and real talk when it comes to creating healthy habits and just believing in yourself to reach your goals.

I have received numerous certifications over the last few years that have deepened my knowledge in the movement space including:

I believe in continuous learning so this list is constantly growing!  I am SO excited that you are here to make movement and mindset a constant practice in your life!

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