About Infinity

Alyssa, owner of Infinity Fitness, provides dynamic 30-45 minute strength based workouts and mindset support to help you move for joy and make long-lasting changes in your daily fitness routine.

Meet Your Instructor

Hey there! My name is Alyssa and I am the founder and owner of Infinity Fitness.  I currently reside in Peterborough, ON.  My favorite season is fall, I love to read, and I love helping other women find their strength, confidence and joy with movement.

My own fitness journey started in 2016 in my college dorm room.  I immediately fell in love with my increased strength and how good I felt.  What started with working out daily for 30 minutes stemmed into two hours per day out of a need to burn off what I ate the previous day.  Working out can start with healthy intentions, but the piece I was missing was moving for joy and celebration.

This is my mission now with Infinity Fitness.  I create strength and resistance training workouts through Infinity Mindset + Movement, my monthly coaching community. My approach as a personal trainer is to help educate and empower you to remain consistent with fitness in a way that feels good for you.

In addition, I also provide 1:1 personal training. All training is done through a private app online or through Zoom if you prefer in person sessions. My approach to personal training is to help you reach your fitness goals in a healthy, sustainable, and safe way to keep you moving and active for life. Fitness does not need to be complicated – allow me to show you how it can add to your life!

With Infinity Fitness, you will find a whole ton of movement, joy, positivity, and real talk when it comes to creating healthy habits and just believing in yourself to reach your goals.

I have received numerous certifications over the last few years that have deepened my knowledge in the movement space including:

  • Girls Gone Strong Women’s Coaching Specialist (in process)
  • Girls Gone Strong Pre and Post Natal Certificate (in process)
  • Fitness + Nutrition Expert (Fit Chicks Academy)
  • Canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist
  • Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist
  • Certified POUND instructor
  • First Aid and CPR Level C Certified
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Trent University
  • Behavioural Science Post-Graduate Certificate from St. Lawrence College

I believe in continuous learning so this list is constantly growing!  I am SO excited that you are here to make movement and mindset a constant practice in your life!

Our Vision

My vision is to empower others to live a more healthy and active lifestyle to feel their best both physically and mentally. I believe that fitness is a lifelong pursuit and can be fun and sustainable to maintain long term. Fitness is a way to appreciate and celebrate what your body can do for you.

I strive to create a community where you feel comfortable and confident with moving your body and reaching your fitness goals – in whatever way that looks like for you. Developing a strong mindset and making fitness simple are two elements that I believe can help you reach your goals. Living an active life can truly help you make the most out of your life. This community is here to help uplift and inspire you to believe in your infinite potential that has been inside of you this whole time.

Our Community

Feeling supported with your health and fitness is so important. Infinity Fitness is a community that will help you strengthen your mindset, gain consistency with your fitness, and be surrounded with likeminded individuals.

Feel supported with your fitness

What clients say about us

Alyssa’s HIIT workouts are amazing! She not only brings such positive energy to the room, but makes you feel confident with the level you’re at! I started attending her classes about 3 months ago, and I was very nervous to try it out. I thought I wasn’t strong enough for these workouts. I was so wrong; they are not only super accessible but so much fun! It only takes 30 minutes in Alyssa’s class to feel so much stronger! I’m feeling so proud with the gains I have made attending her workout classes. I not only look and feel healthier, but I am also gaining more confidence!


Alyssa’s HIIT classes are so much fun! I have never done a HIIT workout before, so I was a bit nervous coming in. She totally works with you and your ability level. She modified every exercise that I needed modified and was so encouraging through the whole thing. I don’t need to use the modifications anymore, but she always
provides them. I have now been attending her classes (both in studio and online) for about 3 months now (2-5 times a week) and I already feel so much stronger than I did before! I am shedding some weight, gaining strength and becoming more energetic! I highly recommend trying out one of her classes, you’ll be hooked!

Faith P

These classes are just the right amount of motivation an exercise that I was looking for. Alyssa is well educated in fitness and strength training. She offers modifications and suggestions when needed.

Jessica L

Alyssa’s online workouts are exactly what I needed to add to my morning routine. Alyssa has such a positive and uplifting personality and her workouts are amazing. Every class is a different style of workout so you don’t find yourself bored or repeating the same movements. This has helped keep me motivate and excited for
every class. Just in the few weeks of doing her online workouts, I have noticed I am stronger, have better form, and starting to see positive body changes. She is such a great instructor!

Sarah S

I highly recommend Alyssa’s classes. As a single working mom, Alyssa’s 30 minute classes are amazing. I can join in and sweat it out, without it seeming like more work in my day. The best part is that my daughter gets to be a part of it. She looks forward to seeing Alyssa each day. In studio or online, her classes have helped me tremendously both physically and mentally. She is educated, passionate, and personable. Thanks Alyssa for being a part of our healthy lifestyle journey!

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